Fiduciary YFRAME

How has your retirement plan performing? How much commission is your provider drawing from your plan? What other fees are you paying? Are you legally liable? Are you ready for the new DOL rules? Navigant Advisory Group  services can provide the answer.

 YFRAME- Your Fiduciary Responsibility and Management Evaluation Report

Navigant Advisory Group provides you with a complimentary YFRAME report will uncover any hidden fees, revenue sharing, conflicts of interest and fiduciary risks associated with your current plan. A comprehensive process, it delivers the information you need to drive change – reducing your costs, enhancing employee results, and mitigating risk.

RFP Support & Assistance – We conduct the search for you!

Your partnership with us offers a neutral, third-party review of your needs and plan features and accurate analysis of best options. We do the research, the comparisons and the market analysis to identify the best services and most cost-effective strategies for your company and your employees. Then, if needed, we can follow up to manage the RFP process, saving you valuable time.

Fiduciary Readiness – Are you Ready for the New DOL rules - 408b(2) and 404(a)?

With the passage of the new Department of Labor rules that fundamentally change the way 401K service providers disclose fees and conflicts, now is the perfect time assess the fiduciary readiness and potential liability of your plan, service providers, and your plan broker.

Investment Review – Benefit from 3rd Party Verification of Your Investment Line-up and Monitoring Process

As a plan sponsor, you must justify your investment line-up using a fiduciary process for and monitoring. If you are relying on your vendor or broker serving in a non-fiduciary capcapity for this function, you are accepting risk and liability. We employ the Global Fiduciary Standards of Excellence - consistent with an ISO 9000 quality management standard as specified by fi360 a leader in fiduciary processes.

403b and Pension Consulting - We manage All Types of Retirement Plans

403b ERISA plan rules require the same level of fiduciary responsibility as a 401k plan. Our 403b Fiduciary Review will establish ERISA shortfalls and identify cost savings.