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Advisory Services

Navigant Advisory Group provides high quality cost effective advisors deliver a high level of expertise, a wealth of experience, and a commitment to excellence.

Our services are highly customized to meet your needs and make your operations more potent and sustainable. We work side by side with you in your department, agency and appropriate organizational level with leadership teams, staff members, volunteer, coalitions and partnerships. We provide frameworks, tools and objective guidance that can save you hundreds of hours of time and ensure that your leadership team works efficiently and effectively to take your organization or program to it’s next level of success.

Your business or agency’s unique qualities are considered in context with the state of your industry, and together with your key players, we not only assemble a forward looking plan appropriate to your needs, we offer implementation assistance.

Taking you to the next level has never been easier. Contact Navigant Advisory Group today to learn more about we may help you.

We have expertise in the following areas;

Fiduciary Services

  • Compliance Advisory Services
  • Audit Advisory
  • Risk Management Advisory
  • Regulatory preparedness reviews
  • Fiduciary training services
  • Financial Institutional Organization Setup
  • Operations Advisory
  • Board Governance Advisory

Strategic Advisory

  • Interim Executive Director Advisory
  • Onsite CFO & Controller Services
  • HR Management Advisory
  • Program Design & Development
  • Organizational Change and Renewal
  • Integration and Alignment

Q2 2020 Pro Bono & Discount Services are now available for applicable nonprofits & businesses.

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